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Whitewater Geology: Episode 1 from Whitewater Geology on Vimeo.

Whitewater Geology is a web series showcasing whitewater and explaining the geology that causes it to exist.

Episode 1 is an overview and intro of what geology has to do with whitewater on a general level.

Produced by Sam and Max Ovett

Sponsored by: Wavesport, Adventure Technology.

Boof waterfalls, not drugs… #whitewater #kayak #boofstroke #moist #meetthemoment

Boof waterfalls, not drugs… #whitewater #kayak #boofstroke #moist #meetthemoment

Mikkel 1990 - 2013, 3 Decades of Paddling - 2014 WWGP Application from Mikkel St.Jean-Duncan on Vimeo.

A little recap of my paddling history from 1990 to 2013, lots of good memories. This is also my application into the 2014 Whitewater Grand Prix in Canada.

Thanks to for the continued support.

Lee Visual and Substantial Media House for some extra footage.

Featured Rivers
North Fork Payette
Blancket Creek
Kicking Horse

and many more

Chutes de Plaisance from Summit Media Group on Vimeo.

Just an hours drive East of Ottawa runs Chutes De Plaisance, Québec. Joel Kowalski and Devyn Scott drove up from the Ottawa Valley for a few laps of the drops while water levels held. As the rain let go and a foggy day lingered, we found magic.

Workday Greening from Wylder H. Cooper on Vimeo.

I’ve been lucky to be able to run the green several times this summer before work. Here’s a little video from a playboat lap. Enjoy!

Film/Edit- Wylder Cooper
Gear- Canon 60D, GoPro 3

Paddlers- Bernie Engleman, Isaac Holden, Kevin Shack, Robbie Gilson

CO from Modality on Vimeo.

Strange feelings. A recent tragedy and a ripple is felt throughout a community as reality sets in. The loss, as with all loss, is dire and felt strongly and the currents seem to move heavy and slow with weighted grievance. It is this weird weight that carries over fields and through the air to the West…where the water in Colorado was running out. The Front Range, however, was still accessible as well as some late-season classics, albeit on the low side considering. However fun it was, or scary, at the end of each day something remained to be desired in some form or another. The mind wanders and gets lost in these tiny cracks and disappears within swells of current and fades away as eventually the light shines through dark enveloping clouds or utter darkness. All the time wanting to know why it had to happen, or what it means because it did. And in faces, something is changed. Maybe you want to cry at first, then you start to laugh, with tears streaming down your face, you are crying and laughing at the same time, and eventually you are sobbing and shaking your head and you start screaming at the sky and pounding your fists. But it is the calm that comes over you eventually, when you know, really, everything is going to be just fine, and you peel out of that eddy and continue downstream.

PNW from Modality on Vimeo.

"The earth is one great sentient being, a planet saturated through and through with man, a live planet expressing itself falteringly and stutteringly; it is not the home of the white race or the black race or the yellow race or the lost blue race, but the home of man and all men are equal before God and will have their chance, if not now then a million years hence." - Henry Miller

Let’s get some boys together and film on the truss!!!  #bigbrotherfalls #wet #meetthemoment #whitewaterkayaking #boofstroke #tightloose (📷@findlayhats)

Let’s get some boys together and film on the truss!!! #bigbrotherfalls #wet #meetthemoment #whitewaterkayaking #boofstroke #tightloose (📷@findlayhats)