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#whitewaterkayak #kayakporn #northwestcreekingcomp #canyoncreek #raceday #boofeverything #ALLiNEEDisACameraANDmyKAYAK

#whitewaterkayak #kayakporn #northwestcreekingcomp #canyoncreek #raceday #boofeverything #ALLiNEEDisACameraANDmyKAYAK


Kayaks, Waterfalls, and RC Helicopters - Behind the Shot with Shifted Cinema from Shifted Cinema, LLC on Vimeo.

A few weeks back we took a trip down to White Salmon, WA to connect with our friends over at Substantial Media House. We had mentioned a few months back that we were wanting to test the waters and see what we could produce with some elite kayakers. With the majority of the shots going into Substantial’s next webisode, we picked out a few to give a sneak peek and a little behind the scenes of what went into making the shot!

Special thanks to Subsantial Media House

BARELY LEGAL from Airborn Athletics on Vimeo.

A tribute video to Stephen Forster. Barely Legal Features athletes devyn SCOTT, keegan GRADY, stephen FORSTER and kyle HULL on their adventures all over the world. Showing beautiful scenery, epic time-lapses and high paced action.

thegreatnorthwest asked: Absolutely. :) I need to get out there more.

im guessing you PNW… but from where?

#whitewaterkayaking #kalamafalls #boofeverything #Washington #kayakporn thanks to @he sseheinrichs1for the dope angle!

#whitewaterkayaking #kalamafalls #boofeverything #Washington #kayakporn thanks to @he sseheinrichs1for the dope angle!

High Water Green Truss from Brian Ward on Vimeo.

Getting a little tossed around during a high water lap on the Green Truss. Fun times until I melted into the ledge at lower Zig Zag. Super scary moment. If you know the spot use extra caution here as it would be a very dangerous/nasty place to swim. The level is around 4ft in all the whitewater shots. I used some clips from an earlier trip for the opening.

“The Grey” - E Dubble

Momo reel 2013 from Momo Castillo on Vimeo.

El Kayak de aguas blancas ….Mi pasión, mi trabajo, un estilo de vida junto a el agua y las venas de la tierra ” Los Rios ” .

… Rios Libres !!!

Rising from Myles Cameron on Vimeo.

I am proud to release my second video creation in collaboration with Willy Monje. The day was off to a rough start when he crashed and broke his pole on our second run, but he still put down some tricks for the camera.

Filmed in one day at Timberline.

Cinematography and Editing // Myles Cameron

Audio // Valleys of Neptune - Jimi Hendrix

Cuando en Colombia (episode #3) from Mountain Mind Collective on Vimeo.

Follow the boys as they descend through some of Colombia’s most magnificent waterways. From the thick jungles of the Samana to the deep gorges of the Caldera the boys find themselves in some of the most wild of conditions and amongst the most spectacular of settings.